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How to use Current Time?

Question asked by Tsquared58 on Sep 16, 2016
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I need to begin a test flow in order to create stimulus at a specified time of day.  I will have a test flow the generates multiple stimuli separated by time delays, but I need the test flow to begin at pre-determined time of day.  For example, my test flow would set a function generator to sweep a sine wave for 1 minute, and then delay 59 minutes, output a square wave for 1 minute, delay 59 minutes, for up to 8 stimuli over 8 hours.  I would like the beginning of the test flow to be a wait until a time of day, such as midnight 00:00:00, so that the I know that the first stimulus will occur at midnight, and then the others will occur at 0100, 0200, 0300, etc.


The current time function returns a value such as 22.442136832037 M, and I would like to convert this to a simple hh:mm:ss format so I could have my test flow get the time and delay until the time is HH;MM:SS which I would specify when I create the test flow.  Any one know how to use the current time in Bench Vue?