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IVI Driver 34465A has AC Volt error

Question asked by dlock on Sep 1, 2016

I have a DMM multimemeter 34465A and I want to control using teststand and NI-MAX.


I have no problem to control the DMM using teststand 2014 in DC Volt mode, but I have an error raise using AC Volts mode. I have updated the IVI driver to the latest version ( and the problem still exist.  I use the driver ag3446x-x64_1.1.2.0.msi.  I/O trace show of command IviDmm_ConfigureACBandwidth is not working.


See pictures attached for detailed error:

Teststand IVI Error DMM 34465AI/O Trace DMM 34465ADMM 34465A information


IVI driver problem or user problem?