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Cosstalk and Isolation

Question asked by theamberco on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2016 by dhamilton

About crosstalk or isolation. When performing a two-port calibration, the user has the option of omitting the part of the calibration that characterizes crosstalk or isolation. The definition of crosstalk is the signal leakage between test ports when no device is present. Crosstalk can be a problem with high-isolation devices (e.g., switch in open position) and high dynamic range devices(some filter stopbands). The isolation calibration adds noise to the error model since we usually are measuring near the noise floor of the system. For this reason, one should only perform the isolation calibration if it is really needed. If the isolation portion of the calibration is done, trace averaging should be used to ensure that the system crosstalk is not obscured by noise. How do you determine when is needed to do isolation?