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Juroshek method on low frequency

Question asked by bar28 on Sep 5, 2016
I have tried to characterize HP 11667A power splitter using Juroshek method. I only needed to know output ports equivalent source match. All went perfectly, but I noticed with E5071C analyzer from 9kHz to 50KHz equivalent source match results were rather poor. About -18 to -20dB. After 100kHz match goes better very fastly ( about -35dB level). I repeated measurement with another splitter but it gave same results. Does ENA has some technical limitations
on low frequecy to reach good match on very low frequency with Juroshek method? I used 10Hz IF BW and averaging was set to 4. When I used 8722ES from 50MHz to 18GHz, match results were very good on whole frequency range.