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Unwrapped Phase on PNA-x on N5242A?

Question asked by dedenne on Apr 7, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2011 by odanzy

I'm reading magnitude and phase from the PNA using the LINPhase command from our PC. This works well but we're getting wrapped phase and we need unwrapped phase.

We tried to manually program the PNA to give unwrapped phase (PHaseU) but it still references the phase to 180 degrees (ie. "wrapped").

How can I get unwrapped phase readings from the PNA?? I've read the manual and other posts on this forum and this seems to be a slightly elusive endeavor!!

More details: I'm running two external signals of the same frequency into Ports A and B on the PNA and setting the measurement to B/A so as to see the phase difference b/w the two signals.  The LINPHAse command works great but for the wrapped/unwrapped dilemma.