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8561B Service Manual

Question asked by LNegron0313 on Aug 26, 2016
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I recently acquired an old 8561B w/ prefix 3017A. Powers on and completes the self tests but with errors 301 317 and 334 (suspect a dead YTO which is a common and costly issue or hopefully a dead LODA).


Currently I've been going over the 8561/3 E/EC manual as a general reference. I was wondering if anyone here or out there has a service manual available for this unit.


I usually find the operation and programming manual when searching both here and elsewhere. I also found the CLIP packet (unknown prefix) and Installation and Verification Manuals (below my prefix: 27??A) but don't know if they'll apply or could apply to this unit's serial prefix.


Any info for this model from a .pdf file to the latest manual part numbers covering all prefixes would be appreciated. Thanks