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Infinium 90000A saving "quick measurements" results

Question asked by rraman64 on Aug 26, 2016

Life is made simple by the range of measurements done automatically on each trace and the results are shown as table with many on-the-fly calculated statistical parameters. saving the final results table is fine for most analysis.


How ever, I want to preform my own statistical analysis of the measured parameters from all traces.

To be specific I want to store each current values of set of parameters as arrays so that I can constrain with specific range of values and then do analysis. I could not find any thing to do this job.


For example saving current value of delta time data only when both channel pulses fall with in certain range and keep adding new data from each trace..

So for each trace, 1 del_t value will be stored as an array and user can save these data .

how are these data retained? as variable in arrays? so that for each new trace we get computed statistical parameters as table and updated.