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Need help : Agilent DSOX 2002A "Voltatge overload on Gen out BNC"

Question asked by matthieu.e on Aug 25, 2016



I bought a used DSOX2002A. I updated it to firmware 2.35 and I started the 30 days of evaluation.
The scope functions are OK. On the demo PIN all the signals are OK but I can't use the waveform generator function.


When I switch on the scope I have the message "Too high a voltage is being applied to the waveform generator BNC".
When I use the button waveform I have the message "Voltage overload on Gen out BNC. The GEN out have been disable".There is nothing connecting to the scope. 


When I mesure I see no signal on the output (no noise, no signal). There is no DC or AC voltage on the output. The impedance of the BNC output is 100 KOhm.


The warranty is over.

Can someone help me to resolve the situation ? Where should I start to investigate ? Thanks a lot