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Is matlaboutput broken in ADS2016.01?

Question asked by AdamCooman on Aug 24, 2016
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I use the MatlabOutput command a lot in ADS to allow processing of the simulation data in Matlab.

Recently I installed ADS2016.01. It is a really nice release, I enjoy the customising of the annotation a lot.

But I noticed that the .mat files generated by ADS2016.01 are corrupt.


To verify that it was not my fault, I ran the same netlist (see attachment) using hpeesofsim.exe of ADS2014.01 and with the new hpeesofsim of ADS2016.01.

The .mat file generated with ADS2014.01 has no problems, while the other one was corrupt. You can find both .mat files in attachment to verify for yourself.