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How to achieve the highest readout frequency for N67xx / 054 power supply via USB/LAN?

Question asked by paganelle on Aug 23, 2016

I need to receive the data from N67xx/054 (N6744B/Option 054) power supply with highest available readout frequency.

In order to do decrease the acquisition time, I decreased the  number of averaged points (SENS:SWEep:POINts 1) and time interval between samples (SENS:SWEep:TINT 10.24E-6) and acquire the data using MEAS:CURR? command. The highest data rate was obtained with this configuration is 150 readings per second (via USB interface) which is not enough for our needs. Ideally we need to receive and analyse the data from power supply every 1ms (1kHz).


Is any way to increase the readout frequency and what is the maximum readout frequency for devices with option-054?


Thank you.