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How do you set the response timeout for the 34410a multimeter under VISA program control?

Question asked by RrnR on Aug 19, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by tomc

I an in the process of replacing a 34401a with a 34410a in an ATE system.   The 34401a was controlled via RS232, but the 34410a doesn't offer that option, so the PC is running the VISA interface software and I am talking to the meter over a TCP/IP network.  It's pretty much going but for one thing:


With RS232 comms it was relatively easy to tailor the response timeout to the command, so I had a timeout of a second or so for most commands, but a 20-second timeout for the "*TST?" (self-test) command, as this takes much longer before it issues a response.


Can I do this with the VISA interface?  The command timeout seems to be set to 2000 mS but I can't find anywhere this might be set or changed.  Anyway I would like to set it under program control - if I set it to 20 seconds for every command it will take that long before I can detect that the meter isn't going to respond to any command, so I would prefer to set it to 20 seconds, issue the *TST? command, wait for the response, and then set it back to 1 second.


Another solution would be if it were possible to "poll" the interface to determine if any output (i.e. a command response) from the meter was waiting.  The only commands I an using are WriteString and ReadString - there may be other lower-level ones.


I'm programming in Delphi, with code based on the C examples.