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Synchronizing 2 M9210A modules with AS bus 2

Question asked by Adrian003 on Aug 13, 2016
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I'm trying to combine 2 Agilent - M9210A Digitizers into a single "multiinstrument", by using AS Bus 2 connector and working in LabVIEW (2015) environment.

Sometimes it works like a charm, other times they simply don't want to combine. I get "Invalid handle session" or "Acquisition timeout" errors. Both from LabVIEW and from SFP.

For instance, in SFP I get an error saying that 1 instrument failed to calibrate, or "M9210A x2 calibration failed with code 0xbffa4900 (ERROR: Acquisition timeout), in spite of seeing all 4 channels combined in a single instrument (M9210A x2, Ch1...Ch4).

This is a "gentle" error, because sometimes I see that the instrument is reported as DC271, even if the Keysight Connection Expert identifies correctly the modules as being M9210A, in their correct positions within the chassis (M9018A - 18 slots).

With LabVIEW is another pain: I have power cycled the system tens of times. It worked nice and predictable. Yesterday.

I have checked the application again today. It worked a while, so I decided to get over this stage and check if the channels are synchronous. Didn't get there: before applying signals to the 4 channels, I have ran into same errors I thought were over. After calling "Agilent MD1.lvlib:Initialize With" I get  "IVI: (Hex 0xBFFA1190) The session handle is not valid", having as a result the error -1074126846: "Maximum time exceeded before the operation completed."


I have succeeded to correctly identify the modules in SFP as being M9210A (and not DC271) only after I removed the AS bus 2 bridge. At that time, each individual digitizer initialized properly. Joining them back, gave the acquisition timeout error.


Obviously, I have downloaded most recent drivers and suites and bundles from Keysight. Also, have read (close to memorizing) all the programmer guides and references and manuals. Was a bit confusing, because I still don't know if they refer to "MD1", "M9210A", "U1904", or to many other product codes, grouped in all kind of ways. But this is only my frustration speaking.


What I would really appreciate, it would be a clear procedure to initialize this "multiinstrument". Is there a way to get a predictable behavior of the system from one initialization to other? Any suggestion is very welcomed!


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P.S. I've also been in MultiInstrumentAutoDefine an so on. Are these steps required, or are they obsolete, because it isn't come clear to me from any documentation.