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MultiTone testing of the X Parameter

Question asked by stone.wu on Sep 5, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2011 by daras
The FAE of Agilent told me that Agilent have presented the multi tone test of a DUT to finish the IM simulation. But what I have met is very different.  As descriped in the VNA's  guide, there are three source  in the multitone testing. Two are injected by siginal generator connected with the VNA through GPIB cable. And the other is supplied by the VNA itself. When doing the test, the two siginal of the genetator should the same , but after all calibration ,they are unequal. So the testing result is of none sense. Which is more serious is that , you just can do power calibration at one power level at fixed frequency spacing. But to get the useful result ,you must sweep the power and the frequency spacing. What we see is that the unequal of the two siginal is more serious at this time. 

With this situation, I don't know who I should look for. Could you kindly help me to fix this problem? And do you know the one who have done the multi tone test in Agilent, so I can communication with him/she directly.

Thank you.