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I have some 1149.6 questions.

Question asked by bobbye on Aug 3, 2016

Hello Keysight,

I have a customer with a list of 1149.6 capacitor-coupled nodes claimed to be tested using JTAG Technologies, so they expect the 3070 to do the same. One group of nodes work as expected, another only the P cell passes and another both the P & N cell fails. The failure is reported as a short, but there is no short or other defect. The nodes in the attached AIO test had to be manually entered and was not automatic.


The pertinent files are attached. The nets attempting to be tested are straight from one boundary-scan device to another with a coupling capacitor. Can all of the nodes in the included list that the customer wants tested by the 3070 be done so?


Any information provided that can help us clear up this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Bobby E.