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N9342C HSA Tracking Generator Displayed Levels

Question asked by wreeve on Jul 28, 2016

I use the N9342C HSA with tracking generator for low-noise amplifier gain measurements. The LNA typically have about 20 dB gain. I always have trouble getting the desired display and hope someone can help. This has bugged me since purchasing the HSA several years ago.


I set the TG output to -30 dBm and normalize. Now, with the TG output still connected to the SA input, I would like the display to show a level of 0.0 dBm. I always have to fiddle with the offset and reference level to eventually get this display. There appears to be some particular order required to set the desired display level either before or after normalization, but so far I have not found the correct order or combination of settings except by the "poke and hope" method.


Any ideas appreciated.