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Are there any examples in Labview that extract the error coefficients via SOL calibration?

Question asked by arwc on Aug 1, 2016

I am attempting to take 1-port measurements on an ENA. I want to do a SOL (short, open, load) calibration and apply that calibration after I take a measurement. I am doing all of this via Labview. Labview has drivers to take the SOL calibrations, but I am trying to better understand the commands Labview is sending to the ENA. I have read through this calibration and it has been fairly helpful. Although now I still have holes in my understanding of how to properly use the "SENS:CORR:COLL" commands. For instance after "SENS" there is "{1-160}"... I do not understand what the options 1-160 represent or what input they correspond to. Also, it is not clear how to actually get the error coefficient out of the ENA after calibration and into Labview. Has anyone ever done these calibrations in Labview and if so does example code exist? I feel this is the best way to grasp how to utilize these calibration commands properly via Labview. Thank you for your time and help!