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Input on/off functionality for N3300A

Question asked by teftef on Jul 25, 2016

As an electronic load I am using a N3300A Frame with two N336A modules used inside parallel. It is connected in series with a voltage source and my device under test (DUT).


I am using the load in Transient Current mode where I set the low level to 0A and the high level to 88A.

I measured that the zero Amp setting is not giving me an exact zero current, but that I can produce this real-zero behaviour by sending the "Input off" command to the load unit. Then I send "Input on" before the next pulse again and so forth...


My question:
What exactly does "Input off" do? Oviously something different than setting the value of the current to zero.

Is it physically disconnecting the load from the wires by using relais inside the load?

If so, what would be the relais switching time then?


I need to know, how after which waiting time I can be sure, that there is really a current of zero amps at my output towards my DUT.