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When did ENAs first allow import/export of calibration kits?

Question asked by drkirkby on Jul 23, 2016

The old ENAs do not allow one to important a calibration kit. You have to type it in manually. The new ENAs do allow you do this. Does anyone know what ENA, and/or what firmware version first started allowing this? I have ascertained that an


  • A discontinued E5061A running firmware 3.01 (July 2007) on XP does not allow one to save a cal kit.
  • An E5071C running firmware A10.06 (December 2011) on XP does. allow one to save a cal kit.


There's nothing in the release notes for the E5071C which says if this feature was added, despite the first firmware release (7.01) was released in September 2006 - i.e. before the 3.01 on the E5061A.


I can't find any firmware earlier than A10.06 for the E5071C, so I can't check if this facility existed in the earlier firmware for this model.


Of course there are lots of other models of ENAs. I just want a rough idea when this facility was introduced, and on what ENA.


It seems a bit odd the early ENAs did not support this, given even an 8753A does!