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MSO-X 3024T. It seems to be a limit of 300 kHz for saving FFT data to a CSV file.

Question asked by pmreyes2 on Jul 18, 2016

I've been using a KEYSIGHT Mixed Signal Oscilloscope: MSO-X 3024T and I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to save in CSV format,  FFT data for frequencies beyond 300 kHz

The time series saves correctly, and the display shows the correct graphs. But, when opening the CSV file I always notice that the frequency domain (FFT) stops at 300 kHz. And if the frequency band is not in the 0-300kHz band, then the oscilloscope doesn’t save any file and returns an error: ERROR: File not saved.

I am wondering if there is a limit of 300 kHz for saving in CSV format files, or if there is not such a thing, I would like to have some help on how not to hit that 300 kHz limit, and being able to save in a CSV file the frequency spectrum for frequencies beyond 300 kHz.