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analyze S parameters from N5264A

Question asked by meta5718 on Jul 18, 2016


I have some data collected in a far-field antenna range using a N5264A PNA-X. I understand that this box is a measurement receiver with a reference input from a reference horn, and a signal from AUT. The measured data (S21 I think) are complex number with amplitude and phase.


I am not quite sure how I should interpret this S-parameter? Does it have the same meaning as those S21 parameters collected with VNAs that has both stimulus and receivers? In other word, will I get something that can represent the antenna pattern when properly calibrated? It should I assume. What exactly does this 5264A box measure? Do I get ratio measurement between AUT and reference horn (including cables)?


Another related question is that I would like to calibrate out some cable + components in the AUT path. I have their 2-port S parameters measured separately. In the simple (not most accurate) way, can I just do a response/through calibration from the raw S parameter measured by 5264A and get the net AUT pattern? I do care about phase though!


Many thanks!