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power level of X parameter test

Question asked by stone.wu on Sep 5, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2011 by stone.wu
There are two source in X parameter testing. One is to stimulate the DUT, name it source A; the othe is for x parameter test , name it source B. And the A is at the fundamental frequency. The B is at the fundamental and harmonics. Usually, the B is 20dB lower than A or A+Gain of the DUT. My question is :

(1) the power of B at the harmonics. Is the B is 20dB lower  than A or A+G at the harmonics. For some DUT, the harmonics will be small, so the B will be too large compared with the harmonics. Will it affect the result?

(2)The specification of the driver PA. For high power case, we need a driver PA. But the driver PA will have harmonics itself. SO how to determin the harmonics of the driver PA?

Thank you.