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How initiate data transmission from LCR-meter to PC after pushing the manual trigger button

Question asked by tom001 on Jul 18, 2016
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I have a LCR-meter 4284A that I use to measure the impedance of a device.

The impedance of the device changes with the position of a target, with temperature and with the frequency of the applied signal.

The device is put in a stove and mounted on a bracket which allows to move a target from outside the stove and measure its position.

A PC can communicate with the RLC-meter through a GPIB bus.

The operating mode I would like to follow is :

1) configure the RLC-meter, in particular define a list of frequencies for the test signal, through an application running on the PC,

2) put the application in a wait state,

3) set manually a temperature, set manually a position of the target and launch the sequence of measurement when I push the trigger button of the RLC-meter front panel,

4) when all the measurements are finished, the RLC-meter should send a trigger to the PC the launches the transmission of the measurements from the RLC-meter to the PC,

5) when all the data has been collected and stored in a file, repeat the operation from step 3 -on until all predefined temperatures and target positions have been tested.


Does someone know the set of SCPI instructions that would allow data to be transmitted from the RLC-meter to the PC, even if the PC was the controller at the begining of operation. I have not found any example in the operation manual of the RLC-meter.


Thank you for your support.