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PSA E4440A Quasi Peak, Demodulation, other ?

Question asked by deninnh on Jul 16, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2016 by deninnh

I'm about to take the plunge on a new (to me) E4445A analyzer.  I need to clarify a few things before proceeding this week.


1) Does this model indeed have a quasi-peak detector as standard ?


2) Is there any way to get am, fm demodulation and listen to the result ?  The front panel volume control and headphone jack, which are "not implemented" in the user guide, are rather insulting on an instrument with a "typical" $117,000 price tag but I understand that this is more of an analytical instrument, measuring characteristics of those modulation types, rather than listening to them.


3) Is there any way internally or externally to get a logarithmic sweep?  Acquisition time may not be a concern for this as it would be only a final plot.


4) Is an external keyboard supported?  The 2012 Getting Started guide says it is not fully implemented yet. 


Thanks for your help.