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Agilent VEE Pro v.8.0 - 1D Array with size n to 2D Array with size n/2

Question asked by PREDATOR on Jul 14, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by Chung-GyuPark

Hi guys!


I'm using Agilent VEE Pro v.8.0 for DAQ with Keithley 6517A electrometer.

Data received from the instrument is in 1D Array with size n format, like this:


Value(1) -------------> Channel 1

Value(2) -------------> Channel 2

Value(3) -------------> Channel 1

Value(4) -------------> Channel 2




Value(n-1) -------------> Channel 1

Value(n) -------------> Channel 2


I would like to log this data in 2D Array with size n/2 format:


Channel1:      Channel 2:

Value(1)         Value(2)

Value(3)         Value(4)




Value(n-1)         Value(n)


Can you tell me please how can I do this? I'm new to VEE .

Thank you very much!


Best regards,

Ovidiu F.