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N9938A Reflection Mode Calibration

Question asked by MPF on Jul 14, 2016
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I have a question regarding to option 320 (Reflection Mode) of N9938A Spectrum Analyzer.

As it is mentioned in N9927-90001 User Guide, there is a CalReady procedure for N9938A calibration. It allows measurement of a DUT that is connected “directly” at the test port.

According to N9927-90001 User Guide, the second way to calibrate a N9938A is “Normalization” which is able to remove the frequency response errors induced by the components of the test setup. Is it sufficient & accurate enough to do this calibration only with a termination load? If not, would I need a Shunt, Open… kit like Keysights 85521A cal kit for valid and accurate return loss measurements?

Thanks in Advance.