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Collect the data after filtering

Question asked by Nagaraju on Jul 7, 2016
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I am using a “16804A” Logic State Analyzer and it is having 64-bit windows operating system.


We are feeding the parallel data through pods and monitoring the output data after filtering. This filter component will remove the null samples and it will display the actual data when pulses are triggered. Now I am able to collect the data using LabVIEW software through ActiveX protocol. But the data I collect is raw data that means before filtering. To remove the null samples I wrote a code in LabVIEW but it is taking more processing time because we are capturing more than 10 Lakhs samples at a time. To avoid this processing time I have to capture the bus samples after filtering. So that, the null values will not come in to my processing then I can do my further processing.


Here I am attaching the screen for more clarity.


Kindly help me to capture the data after applying the filter component.



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S Nagaraju