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How do I transfer data in S1P format to my computer via labview?

Question asked by apod on Jun 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2016 by odanzy

I am currently trying to program on the E5071C network analyzer and am having trouble with the machine responding to my commands. 


I initially send the command MMEM:STOR:TRAC:FORM:SNP DB; to save the data

I then label the data using the command MMEM:STOR "test.S1P"

I then try to send the query MMEM:TRAN?  "test.S1P" and there is no response and an error.


The only way I get a response is through the command CALC:DATA:FDAT which gives me data  but gives me this long array.  Is there a way to get this data to be given to me in S1P format?  Or do I need to manipulate the data after the fact to get it from the instrument?


Please advise what the best way is to trigger the instrument, store the data, and transfer the data.


Looking forward to your response.