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VISA check probe info.

Question asked by franco_chan on Jun 30, 2016

Hi Admin,


(1) We used VISA command to check probe info of each channel but the result were abnormal, can you kindly check it?

Our test environment as below:

Scope: MSO9404A Infiniium

Software Revision: 05.60.00501

Channel 1: 1132A

Channel 2: 1132A

Channel 3: 1132A

Channel 4: 1132A

Calibration Date: 30 JUN 2016


(2)CMD as below


Response  from scope: DEC 2014 17:02:17,13 DEC 2014 17:02:17 (correct should be  30 JUN 2016)



Response from scope:  1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1


:CALibrate:DATE? CHANnel<N>

Response from scope:  Query UNTERMINATED


thank you!