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FieldFox Unusual Startup Behavior?

Question asked by swperk on Jun 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2016 by am95405

My N9915A FieldFox has the latest firmware (A.08.15). I notice an unusual startup behavior when I power it up from a completely powered down state.


The FieldFox starts with the Keysight splash screen with the text message that reads "Loading System." Then the text message changes to "Starting System. Please wait." Then the screen changes to a mostly black screen with the blue title bar reading "Application Launcher Version Accl 1.01." At this point, when the analyzer would be expected to advance to the splash screen that says "Starting Applications," it instead repeats the initial cycle of the first splash screen and the application launcher once, twice, or even three more times(!) before finally (after up to three minutes) getting to the Starting Applications splash screen. Whenever this happens, it can take over 4-1/2 minutes to get the analyzer up and running the CAT application. The good thing is that once the analyzer eventually finishes booting up, everything seems to work properly.


I thought that the firmware might be corrupted somehow, so I reinstalled it. After I reinstalled the firmware the analyzer booted properly (only one run through the initial screens) and I thought I had fixed the problem. I shut it down and restarted it just to be sure, and the first few times it booted properly. Unfortunately, after only a few successful restarts, it started the repetitive boot process again.


Any ideas what might be going on?