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How to extract X-Parameters from "X measurements"?

Question asked by lathos on Jun 20, 2016
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I am trying to extract X-Parameters from existing X measurement files saved from my PNA-X and would like to use the Keysight extraction algorithm. I would like to know if there is a way of doing this - and therefore what the purpose of the X measurement files are?


My current method to do this involves using the "Generate X-Parameters from files" ability, but this is a bit of a hack as it is only intended for intermediate files when using swept variables. As such, some of the information in the xnp files is generated from the current measurement setup and not the input files. Additionally, I can't see any DCOM methods for enabling intermediate files, so I don't believe I can call the GenerateXParamFromFiles method unless I have manually set the swept variables on the device.


This method is not ideal anyway, as I would like to perform the extraction on an array of independent files, and wish to obtain an array of xnp files - i.e. not combining swept data from intermediate files.


Is there any way to do this in ADS? I don't think the X-Parameter generator/HB simulation supports loading in X measurement files.


It would be really nice to get a reply to this question, as I have posted a couple before and received nothing. In fact, my questions were even marked as assumed answered when they had received no reply.


Many thanks.