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How do I obtain software for moving the network analyzer reference plane from the input port of a microwave device test fixture to the stripline tab contact at the interface between the microwave device and test fixture?

Question asked by michael001 on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2016 by mirek

I am trying to obtain S11 Magnitude And Phase Data at the input port strip line tab contact of a microwave device, in which the Tab Contact is connected to a test fixture. 
The network analyzer S11 Magnitude And Phase Data pertains to an SMA Female Connector at the input port of this test fixture.

I have a two port s parameter model pertaining to the rf properties of the test fixture.  

I need software that will use the network analyzer S11 data, obtained at the test fixture SMA Connector input port, in conjunction with the test fixture two port S Parameter Model to obtain the S11 Magnitude And Phase Data that applies at the microwave device input port strip line tab contact.

The software that I am seeking needs to be compatible with the E5071C Network Analyzer Windows Operating System.