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-222 Data out of Range: chan 4, point 606 range in -3.06 to 0.00 error

Question asked by tejas_jay on Jun 17, 2016
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I am using N6705B mainframe with N6781A module at channel 4. Our application requires to observe the battery behavior when it supplies current to the custom circuit.

Here are the steps I followed:

1. Used data logger to obtain the current consumption by our custom circuit for 3 min at 1ms sampling period

2. Removed the circuit and connected the battery instead

3. Changed the Emulating mode to CC Load

4. Created one arb waveform by mirroring the current data obtained (exported CSV is used)

5. When I run the arb, I hit the error saying -222 Data out of Range: chan 4, point 606 range in -3.06 to 0.00



1. None of the values in the CSV are above 20mA or below -50uA

2. The range selected for the arb is 3.06A which shows a graph indicating the range is -3.06A to +3.06A

3. Number of samples for arb waveform is 139453. Reduced this to 10000 and still the error persists

4. If I select the arb waveform as built in pulse wave, then arb runs without error. In scope, I can see arb waveform as well as battery behavior with the pulse current.


We followed the exact same steps mentioned in the video: Capturing the Dynamic Current from a Battery Power Device and Using it as a Load on the Batteries - YouTube


Since the pulse arb waveform is working, I am assuming all the settings are correct.


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