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BenchVue 3.1 - NA app - trace loading - why is so slow?

Question asked by mirek on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by w0dz

I load the BenchVue 3.1 in to PNA N5224A and enable the NA app. I try to load the trace from the screen (201 preset) and I see that is very slow - there is delay in responce at list coupe second (I see the sinning ring in the BenchVue).

If you tray to load the trace with 10 000 point you will see that it really go glacial.

I first thought that the Benchvue execute single sweep and then read,  that why the delay, but that not the case, as I put the system on hold, BenchVue just read the trace.

That pretty surprising as BenchVue run locally so getting the data from Network Analyzer firmware in to Benchvue is just copy from one memory location to other and display the results in BenchVue. CPU on that PNA is not slow ider, as it is 2GHz Quad core I7. So what is the problem?