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Control a U2001A with Python PyVISA

Question asked by James_Het on Jun 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2016 by WDrago

I'm trying to control an Agilent U2001A USB Power Sensor using Python and PyVISA.  I have Python 3.5.1 and PyVISA 1.8.  I can see the sensor, send an *IDN? and read back the information.  When I try to read actual data from it, I get nothing.  So I installed a trial of VEE 9.32 to see if I have the same problem.  And I do.  I can read back the information from *IDN?, I can read back the format data type but I can't get any data measured.  I've tried reading the data as real32 and real64 in both scalar and array1d and VEE times out with an error.  Has anyone tried reading data in Python or VEE from one of the USB Power Sensors?  Thanks for any help.