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current density plot in momentum

Question asked by milutin on Jun 10, 2016

hello, I have found a blog about current density plot in Momentum for 13.56MHz loop antenna. I need to do similar. Have anybody managed to do it with Momentum? Thanks. BR, Milutin

"Current Density Plot Momemtum rjodrig  Dear Forum,  Does anyone know how to simulate an magnetic loop antenna, and obtain its current density?  Antenna Parameters (see picture)  3 x 3 inches loops FR-4 Substrate Frequency of interest 13.56MHz  I want to know how much current/meter there is at a distance of 40mm from the surface.  Does anyone know how to setup this problem and measure its current density?  if anyone has done this before, can you tell me how to do it?  Regards, rjrodrig"