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ADS 2016 optimization error and parameters not change

Question asked by nsf2000 on Jun 9, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2016 by bafisher



I am quite new to ADS, and I am using ADS to optimize some parameters in my design. I followed one example from ADS to set parameters (enable optimization, add the goal, etc.). When I clicked on the optimize, I found that the error doesn't change at all (I have tried all different optimization algorithms), and the optimization variables is not change either.


I also found that the error is just 1.0, which is exactly the same as my weight setting in Goal box. If I changed the weight to be 10 in Goal box, the error becomes to 10 as well, which I guess that optimization expression doesn't correct. I double checked the expression, and without optimization, everything just worked perfect.


I was wondering if any one has any clues on this issue?


Thank you very much!