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Unguided calibration with a 2 port ECAL and 4 port analyzer

Question asked by illuvatar on Jun 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2016 by johanericsson

I am trying to run an automated unguided calibration using SCPI commands for a four port network analyzer with a two port ECAL unit.  For any given measurement, port 1 is always the source but I may have the return path hanging off ports 2,3 or 4.  Is this possible?


I have the following code which worked fine on a two port analyzer but gives me this error with a 4 port: SCPI Error: 226, Requested to measure a cal standard connection step undefined for this cal.  Please check number of connections steps and their descriptions.


CALCulate:PARameter:SELect 'CH1_S11_1'

SENSe:CORRection:COLLect:CKIT:INFormation? ECAL1,CHAR0


SENSe:CORRection:PREFerence:ECAL:ORIentation OFF




None of those commands seem to allow specifying the two and from port.  In the cal wizard it is easy enough to specify which ports are included in the calibration so I'm sure this must be possible.


Any input would be appreciated.