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calibration error in PSA E4440A analyzer

Question asked by Debdut on Jun 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2016 by dhamilton


I  am using the PSA E4440A analyzer and applying a 0 dBm 1GHz signal to it from a signal generator trough a direct type N RF cable. However, in the signal analyzer I am seeing a spectrum having amplitude less than -50 dBm. Hence the analyzer is showing "carrier not found". I have checked the cable in another analyzer, and with the same input the other analyzer is showing -2 dBm amplitude.


Also there are other errors appearing in the analyzer when it is starting up like "Calibration Failure" of several components like PREAMP, SECOND_LO, IF, etc. The analyzer is also showing a message "System Alignment Required, Align All Now". I have tried to use the Align All Now function in System tab, but same calibration errors are appearing.


What can I do?