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Switching between seq and bursted segment in dual channel differential mode

Question asked by tb001 on Jun 6, 2016

I am using 33522B to play sequence of arb, with external trigger, in differential (track mode/inverted). arb and seq are loaded through the front panel USB port.

First remark : FW is sensitive on the order of loading waveforms, switching to differential mode...

I need to switch from playing the whole sequence to playing only one segment, one time per external trigger (using burst mode instead seq).

I then go to arb memory and select a segment, then change the burst mode. Most of time in works, again if everything is sone in the right order...

When I want to get back to sequence mode by selecting the seq file in arb memory and removing burst,the generator hangs and it always ends by a full reboot....

Obviously FW is not robust at all to this usage...


Any advice to work around ?

Is this already known ?

Is there any FW update planned for fixing this ?


Thanks for you answers