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Separate source for External Test Set Mode (E5071C)

Question asked by -g- on Jun 1, 2016

I want to measure the S11 of my DUT using the External Test Set Mode 1, which can be viewed in the link below. I only need to match to a single frequency (may try a sweep once I get a driver fabricated/assembled) and already have the source/driver (I do not need Port A). I also do not need to measure S21 (yet), because I have a fixed load with known power levels I need to adjust for.


I am planning testing this configuration myself, but want to get feedback as well. Do you foresee any problems calibrating the system and taking measurements without the source connected? My concern is the B and C ports will track the source and the results will mis-represent the data.


I very much appreciate any feedback.


External Test Set Mode