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U4421A D-PHY analyzer and flying lead probes

Question asked by ibra on Jun 1, 2016
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I am using U4421 D-PHY logic and Protocol  analyzer with E5381B flying lead probe (+ socket adopter accessory).

I am probing traffic between a DSI host and a DSI display.

I am following "Keysight U4421A MIPI D-PHY Analyzer and Exerciser Hardware and Probing Guide"

When I use :

-Two flying leads for probing D-PHY clock positive and negative signals on Ch13 and Ch15 respectively, The logic analyzer is not able to measure the good bit rate value

-One flying lead to probe differentially the clock on Ch14, the measured bit rate is ok


Note that the recommended way to measure clock and Data0, is to probe P and N signals in single ended mode which is not giving good result for bit rate in my setup.


-Does anyone have experience with this setup (U4421A analyzer + E5381B probe) ?