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measuring strain gauge with 34901A

Question asked by mihh on May 31, 2016

Hello every one,


after a glance at the data sheet, a string gauge manufacturer told me it was not possible to measure strain gauge with the 34972a. He want me to buy a load cell conditioner. i was quite surprise as i saw on this forum that is was possible. But what wasn't explained is how to get a force when the manufacturer's data sheet only gives you, as an output, a mV/V value. I asked the manufacturer about the GF, the Young module etc...of the sensor: the only parameter he knew was this mV/V output.


what is the excitation voltage with a 4 wire ohm measurement? (is it possible to change it?)

how do we calculate a force with a strain gauge ( what parameter of the sensor do we need?), knowing that we measure a resistance?


sorry if the questions are stupid but i'm quite new in the strain gauge measurement.

Thank you for the answers