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Infinium drive cloning

Question asked by wgilbert on May 31, 2016

I'm posting this for others who may run into scope hard drive problems or want to ensure that they have a way out in the event of an HD failure.


We have a DSO 81304A scope, which wouldn't boot, and we assumed the hard drive had failed. We inquired about getting a new drive with image installed, but Keysight support was unsure they could find one for us. The users gave me the scope to see what I could do. It turned out the hard drive was actually still good, but the FLOPPY drive had failed, and was preventing the system from booting. I discovered this by simply forgetting to plug the floppy back in after removing the cable to get a good look at the HD label. Big relief, but we knew we didn't want to let this happen for real. This scope was worth over $50K new, and we can't afford to replace it.


We used Macrium Reflect to clone the original scope drive to a smaller Solid State Drive, a Kingspec 64GB IDE/PATA unit. Macrium will clone to a larger or smaller drive with no problem. We keep the original drive as a backup we can just swap in, and are now running the scope off the SSD. It boots and loads the scope app much faster. Since the motherboard won't accept any more than 512 meg RAM, the system is using the swap file a lot, and all those operations have sped up due to the SSD.


To make this work I had to set the display resolution from 640x480 to 800x600 in order to use Macrium. Then I found that the DSO app would NOT work until I set it back to 640x480. In Display Settings, had to open Adapter tab, and List All Modes, choosing 640x480 Hi Color, 60hz. BadaBING!


We're doing this to all our DSO's now. Earlier last year we had an actual drive failure in one of our Lecroy scopes. Fortunately they were able to image one and supply it, but it cost us $500. The SSD cost us about $50 with free shipping.


Clone your drives!