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Quo vadis 8510C ?

Question asked by MICROWAVE68 on Dec 12, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2008 by 8510fan
Some of you may see this as a bashing post and im sorry if you see it that way but as a loyal 8510 user for several generations ( A-C) im just venting and speaking out what many of my colleagues in the industry are thinking !
Finally it seems that Agilent has decidet to turn their backs on one of the most sucessfull VNA system ever build, lets face it everyone of us out in the industry has encountered the 8510 in one or the other configuration and worked with one at one point in time, to me the 8510 has been a true companion that never let me down trough the years and i still consider this the best VNA ever build !
Now comes 2009 and with it the end of support life for the 8510C, yes agilent has offered a great trade in credit along with other services to sweeten the transistion to the ENA/PNA series but we are in the middle of a recession of epic proportions and many companies rather would sand a bobcats **** in a phone booth then to spend any money on new equipment.
the other factor is that none of us really has the time to learn a new system on the job !
The least that agilent can do for the still fairly large community of users is to release all pertinent info into the public domain including schematics, firmware files and info pertaining to the security keys needed to keep the system running !
Just create a big old website and post all the stuff so people who dont have the money to go to a new system still can maintain their old workhorse ! 
Many other T+M houses dont have problems with releasing software or security codes related to obsolete equipment to customers so why is agilent so reluctant ?