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How to save multiple segments from Serial Decode

Question asked by jayras on May 24, 2016
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I am using an MSO9104A oscilloscope with the RS-232 decode package.  I need to record about 6 minutes of 9600 baud, bi-directional traffic and then output the hex value data for external analysis.  I have gotten the serial decoder setup recording reasonable data and am using the segmented memory feature to allow recording the duration I need.  The recorded data seems fine.  However, the SAVE button on the serial decoder screen seems to only save the data for the current segment.  I can use the Navigation tab to select any segment or play back my recording, but the SAVE button only saves data from the current segment.  I don't want to have to manually save all the 2500 or so segments that I recorded and paste them altogether.  Is there some way to save all the recorded segments into a single file?  HELP PLEASE!!!