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Can you load arbitrary frequency list in to Network Analyzer?

Question asked by mirek on May 19, 2016
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by Dr_joel

I wonder it it is possible to load in to Network Analyzer  arbitrary frequency list. From the menu you can only choose several sweep type, however none of them aloud you to load arbitrary frequency list. The only option I can see is arbitrary segment list which is not what I am looking. I understand, that manual set of arbitrary frequency list from the menu may not have much of a sense, however using remote control it should not be an issue.  

The task is to get several overlapping frequency segments combined, sort the frequency in particular order and then load the frequency list in to Network Analyzer for calibration and measurement. 


Can arbitrary frequency list be loaded thru remote control? If yes:

- How it can be done in PNA/ PNA-X?

- How it can be done on ENAs?