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E4440A shows +600 Media Full error when switching modes

Question asked by swperk on May 18, 2016
Latest reply on May 22, 2016 by swperk

I just purchased a very well optioned E4440A, but when I first powered it up it showed multiple EEPROM errors. It turned out to be caused by an A7 board that had become partially unseated during shipping. When I reseated the board, the analyzer no longer had the EEPROM errors, but I saw multiple "+600 Media Full" errors when it tried to save the state file when switching between various instrument modes (e.g., from Spectrum Analyzer to EMC Analyzer). The seller told me to reinstall the firmware (11.21) in order to reformat the flash memory and get the analyzer back into a known good state. Of note, the analyzer also has Option 115 (512MB user memory).


After I was able to locate a Windows XP computer, I reinstalled the firmware and reactivated all of the options. At first it seemed that all was okay, but the next day when I powered it up I saw the "Media Full" errors again. Otherwise (as far as I can tell), everything else about the analyzer is working properly, but it still "forgets" the states of the various modes when switching between them and keeps throwing error codes.


What might be causing this problem, and more importantly, what is the solution?