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Mask test for signal peak evaluation in oscilloscope

Question asked by sarunas on May 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2016 by algoss

Hi all,

We are participating in tender for testing equipment deployment in EMS company. One of test steps require  to check if yellow signal passes test  masked areas. See picture in attachment for more detailed view.Wave form fot testing Rfid.jpg

Firs situation (1) Pass if not "touched" by wave) i know wont be a problem.

Second test i don't have a clue how to implement that.

Is it possible to implement mask in a way as I described ( 2)Pass if all peak values of the wave are out of masked area)? Should i use some other method.

The idea is to test a signal peak values to be contained between those masks.Wave form fot testing Rfid MASK.jpg

Ore is it possible make a test like this? One mask and test if peak values of wave are within the mask below ?Wave form fot testing Rfid MASK invert.jpg


And will MSOX3014A cope with such task?

Any suggestions are welcome.