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N5230A error log messages...

Question asked by dms1415 on Dec 10, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2008 by jvall
One of our N5230A PNA-L network analyzers has generated a couple error codes and was wondering what they might mean.  Here is the "About" info for this particular machine: APP Code:A.07.50.37, HDD Ver:S.07.09, Build:1448.0 (Release), Type Library Ver 1.9 and Options:420- 40.0 Ghz 2 port Passive.  
The first error from the log is 2153: WM_TS_RPG RESTART w/Param 0x2 IParam 0xo RPG Handle ox0.  This error has been logged many times.  I re-booted the set-up today and got the same error 2153 but the log read Front Panel rebooted started RPG Thread 0xffffffff Initial Startup of FPS  Service.  The second error in the log is 2177 Catastrophic error, crash dump to Temp folder.  In the Temp folder was Exception Code:c0000005 and Exception Address 54b620.  Any ideas on these errors?

Also, we have been having issues with the set-up changing where the windows are being displayed when using the Cal Wizard.  I am not sure if this is a direct result of the errors above?  We are measuring mostly S11, S22 and S21 with 2 windows.  S11 and S22 in the top window and S21 in the bottom window.  The issue is when you recall a saved state, and open the Cal Wizard, right after you click it, it is switching the way the windows are displayed.  So S21 in now on top and S11 and S22 are at the bottom and it stays that way after you have completed calibration.  This did not happen before and does not happen on our other 2 N5230A's.  Any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.