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Frequency sweep step size during sweep output in Keysight 33500B

Question asked by bgoswami on May 9, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by Christopher Kelly



I had some questions related to how the frequency sweep is implemented in the Keysight 33500B.


I am using the Keysight 33500B series waveform generator to frequency sweep a pulse waveform. I choose the linear sweep type and set the sweep time to be 100 seconds. I am sweeping the frequency of the pulse waveform from say 500kHz to 510kHz. Hold and return times are set  to 0. 


I would like to understand what the frequency increment is? Is the sweep more a smooth analog sweep or more of a discrete sweep ? If discrete , then what step size does the waveform generator use to go from 500kHz to 510kHz ?


Also, I would like to understand how much time does the generator spends in each intermediate frequency point ?


Thanks in advance.